As a mother of 2 very lively boys I experienced that a good night's sleep is better when I diffuse Serenity blend and Frankincense. I used to think that oils are just something nice to have, a pretty smell. However, these past years were a journey of self reinvention and rediscovery and dōTERRA oils were a constant companion and also kept me away from doctors' office. 
If you're interested and want to know more click on the logo. I also do personal chakra essential oil blends (see shop)

If you're interested in making your health a top priority in your life, I do suggest to talk to Angela from Warm Wellness. She is helping me get my health back in order with a programme designed to make me feel safe and happy. Angela takes my health very seriously and I am grateful for every session I have with her. She will take you from feeling frazzled to fabulous!

With Zara's help I retraced my steps to one of my passions in life and that of making people feel better in an 'alternative' way. She encouraged me to take on Reiki studies and has supplied me with the most beautiful crystals. Contact Zara if you want beautiful custom made malas and crystals. She's an angel!

I love the occasional detox because it helps me clear my mind and body at the same time. However, this year, thanks to Covid-19, I finally managed to detox my wardrobe and keep in there clothes that I DO wear. Maria does a brilliant job, even virtually, to clear out your wardrobe to bring YOU in the forefront. She combines art, empathy, spirituality and tough love to get rid of the cobwebs and bring colour back into your life!

WARNING! She leaves no sock unturned