Why Life Purpose Coaching?


The past 10 years of my life were dedicated to the corporate world and although I learnt a lot about human behaviour, I cannot say that this work made me fulfilled. I went on a journey of self discovery, I read the masters and made up dozens of check lists and am in the process of ticking off one item at a time, mindfully, happily and with a determination that I want my life to be a success. 

Our purpose guides life decisions, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning in our lives. It gives meaning to relationships, our work and our dreams. Life purpose can actually shift by time and experience and can change throughout your life. You will learn to embrace these changes and set new goals and priorities. 

Some of the questions that come up when reflecting on our life purpose are: 

  • Who am I? 
  • What satisfies me? 
  • Where do I belong? 
  • How can I turn my passion into a fulfilling adventure or gainful employment in my life?

We are all unique and seek our passion and purpose in different ways. We take different paths and go through various experiences which lead us to realising our dreams and fulfilling our potential.