"Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you!" (Crowded House)
So yesterday I mentioned how important it is to be your own friend, how much you can learn about friendships and your expectations of friendship by being your own best friend. It is SELF CARE at the end of the day and not a selfish act.
Following this friendship theme, may I present you one of the 'toys' that followed me around since my teenage years. Her name is Sole (really?!) which means Sun in Italian but also Alone and I carried her with me wherever I went. It's her warmth, company and comfort that never let me down. It's the colour burst on a grey day. She is my journal when I couldn't be arsed picking up a pen.
She is not just a symbol of the sun or sunflower and warmth (and a major help when I was homesick and longing for those lazy summer nights!) but also a reminder that the light and the warmth of the sun are a part of me.
There was a time when hubby used to look at me and (try to) sing Travis' song "Why does it always rain on me". He was being a royal pain, especially to my ear. However, although that action seemed harsh at that time, his intention was well-meaning. That's when I decided to change the soundtrack of my life (sorry Travis!) and move to Crowded House's (feels like that living with 3 men!!) "Weather with You"
In NLP terms, Sole is my anchor when I need to remember that I carry the sun within me and believe in myself.
Do you also have something that reminds you to return to the beauty and sun within you?