Not another Mercury Retrograde


Here we go again, another Mercury Retrograde, the second of 3 in 2020... JOY, absolute JOY

First things first... what is Mercury Retrograde and why should one bother learning about it...

Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash
Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

"First, the name is deceptive. The planet isn't reversing its orbit. Simply put, Mercury retrograde describes an optical illusion during which the planet only appears to be moving backward from our viewpoint on Earth." (

Forewarned is forearmed... so here are a few ways to keep sane.

1. BACK UP your computers, servers, phones... just make sure you have back ups (I always mention this first... experience is a great teacher)

2. DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS or sign up for anything at the moment. If you have to then please read the fine print more than once

3. WATCH OUT for yourself. This is a great time to focus on ourselves, keep delicate and sensitive conversations to a minimum to avoid arguments or other backlashes (again from personal experience. If you're a fiery introvert like me then you are prone to spit out passive aggressive comments at this time - BAD MOVE!)

4. EXPECT DELAYS... use the time wisely and focus on your breathing. If you're travelling, make sure you're carrying an extra e-book or downloaded your favourite podcast to keep you company.

5. BE FLEXIBLE... be patient

6. USE THIS TIME TO REVISIT issues bugging you from the past. If you have something on your mind that's been haunting you, address it and make it a priority it now so you can resolve it once and for all

7. SLOW DOWN, breathe and focus on self-healing. (How about a chakra and energy clearing? send me a DM if you're interested!)

8. FOCUS ON RE- redo, reassess, redecorate, repeat, redesign... what the heck, Marie Kondo your life. now is the time, just be patient with yourself

9. FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED - and no, that does NOT include finishing the bottles of Gin you have in your cocktail cabinet. YOU know what I mean


KEEP SAFE and KEEP to the SOCIAL DISTANCING (if there was a time to keep away from trouble, now is the time!

Love and Light,