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Welcome to Life Purpose Coaching

Hello lovely people. I'm Celine Petrillo and I'd like to welcome you to my very first newsletter. If you got forwarded this email, I encourage you to take a moment and subscribe by clicking on the link below. Together with my blog, I would love to be able to reach out to you via email to inform you about the latest news with regards to workshops and programmes I'm offering and freebies uploaded on my website.

Stay tuned and Activate your Authenticity

What is Gratitude

The Harvard Medical School defines gratitude as:

"a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives ... As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals-whether to other people, nature, or a higher power"

We've been hearing a lot about gratitude in the past couple of years but we don't go beyond the definition. Gratitude is a daily practice, it's a lifestyle choice and an abundance magnet.

The social element of gratitude is important to create harmonious relationships and a well-balanced life (read more here)

The Gratitribe

The Gratitribe is a group of like minded individuals who are ready to step up their game and live more consciously and abundantly. Together we let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs and clear the part to a more authentic lifestyle. We are all different but what brings us together is the common belief that by practising gratitude together we will achieve more in life.

By bringing awareness to the miracles already in our lives and expressing gratitude we attract more success, light and love into our lives. It all starts by saying "Thank You" to the most important person in our world ... "YOU"!

How did the Gratitribe start?

As most of my dreams and ideas, the idea of the gratitribe started during a girls' night out with my ladies. We started sharing stories and life-hiccups and I found myself going back to Gratitude. In NLP we call this reframing, seeing problems in a different light and focusing on the lessons rather the feelings attached to the experience.

2 of my friends inspired me to take on this mission and start a group and talk more about this. After a couple of G&Ts and lots of ginger tea, I sat down and send these girls a thank you message for the inspiration. That night the Gratitribe was born and I'm still grateful for the support and their belief in me that I could take such a task and for the start of the Gratitude Workshop project which will be on August 31st 2019 in Zurich City.

My Morning Gratitude Practice

Waking up every morning was a struggle. Ask my family and they'll tell you that I was big grumpy girl. I would wake up in a bad mood and wouldn't talk to anyone. This kept going on till my youngest son was born and could walk on his own. So if pre-kids I would wake up almost an hour earlier than my husband to work up a half decent mood, post-kids i was constantly made to face my grumpiness by staring at my little one who would wake up and come to me glaring at me as if I killed his favourite dinosaur. it was a glare-off contest. This 'habit' had to stop, I needed to break this unconscious habit and start the day differently.

Nowadays my day starts with (numerous attempts on snoozing my alarm!) A SMILE. Whether I feel like smiling or not, I smile. The brain picks up this as a sign of positivity and it already starts working in the positivity zone. I drink 500ml of warm lemon water (I keep a bottle next to my bed, prepared the night before so it's handy and readily available). In my bedside table, I have a small spray bottle made of a special essential oil blend and spray my face, my hands and my feet. That fresh sensation makes me smile again. Then I rub my hands and place them over my eyes, my ears, the back of my head, my mouth, my throat, my heart and the soles of my feet. It's like a mini reiki session in the morning, and all this happens within the first 5 minutes upon waking up and without saying a word... BLISS! I quickly say my morning gratitude 'prayer' and mentally go through the goals of the day, appointments and set my intention to accomplish everything successfully with love and kindness.
Then I'll start waking up everyone and start the daily routine.

How I practice Gratitude with my family

Gratitude is part of our breakfast routine. Together with my sons we focus on the day ahead and express gratitude for the things we intend to do. Example: "I'm grateful for kindergarten today because I'm going to play with P and it will be so much fun" that would be a typical statement by my eldest who's 6. This sends us off to the world with a positive mindset.

At dinner we go through our day and all 4 of us talk about the good things that happened during the day, what we have learnt and what made us happy. (My boys would usually express gratitude for the extra episode they could watch, or the ice cream they got.) It doesn't have to be something spectacular. We learnt to find the beauty in the mundane so when the spectacular happens, it becomes magical.

This simple gratitude practice is the one I share with friends, family and clients. The results are phenomenal. So many have manifested things which leads you to believe that 2 simple words can definitely make your world spin and those 2 words are "THANK YOU"

I invite you to come and join me and other grateful ladies. I will also be giving away special freebies and healthy snacks will be provided. We will toast the end of the workshop with a glass or 2 of Prosecco. 

Looking forward to having you there and joining our Gratitribe.
In Love, Light and lots of Gratitude
Celine Petrillo