My Gruffalo Swish


Whilst whiling away time with my little one, walking in the snow and for a change we were discussing the Gruffalo story. We talked about the big bad mouse and how the small mouse's reflection looked gigantic projected on the wall. And this got me thinking...

when we stand in front of our limiting beliefs and cast a shadow, those beliefs look bigger than life, they take centre stage and become more prominent. Question is: "How do we minimise these scary monsters?" First of all, we need to take everything into perspective. These are our shadows, our dark side. Instead of casting a light on the limiting beliefs, we throw a light beam on the positive beliefs. For years I used to see myself the way this 'boogey' person used to tell me I am: I'm not good enough, I'll never amount to much, I'm fat (and the list goes on and on). As a result I failed to see the other good things about me: I'm a good listener, an empath, a healer, a friend. Even when others complimented my gifts and skills, I failed to believe them because I let Boogey's voice get louder and louder. It was a tough time learning how to receive compliments and accept them as real. 

I turned this around is by removing the "bad mouse" from the limelight and instead shine a light on my inner crystal; the limiting beliefs became smaller and smaller whilst the crystal, just like a disco ball, shone and threw light on other positive ares in my life. And every time that nagging voice comes to my head, I do this techniques again which in NLP we call the Swish Pattern.

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