My Full Moon Ritual


I guess by now, most of you know how enamored I am with the moon and her phases. I love the way she transcends and transmutes the energy around us. We know for a fact that the Full Moon energy affects tides and growth and birth. This is not woo woo, this is scientific. In past centuries, farmers used to wait for the full moon to reap and the new moon to sow. In the energetic world we talk about releasing during the full moon and sowing during the new moon. Why? Because we feel that the energy of the moon helps us with manifesting what we desire and is for the greatest good and also releasing all that which no longer serves us.

During the Full Moon, we focus mainly on RELEASING. Please check my Instagram page to read the Full Moon Invocation - which is an I RELEASE prayer - and which I will be referring to in my ritual below.

There are 2 ways you can do this ritual.

  • I'll start with the woo-woo one, the one I like most.
  1. Set the space where you will be 'working'. You can set it up with candles, by smudging it with sage or diffusing lavender and sage oils, using crystals and lavender spruce.
  2. Sit in complete silence and focus on your breathing whilst you breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Every time you breathe feel the light of the full moon embrace you. Check in with your body and your thoughts. What are you feeling? What are you thinking about? Acknowledge these thoughts and give thanks
  3. On a piece of paper, write down the thoughts, habits, feelings, beliefs that you want to release. Would you like to stop negative self-talk? Want to stop craving for sugar? Write down what you want to give up. (Check the invocation on my IG page)
  4. Now visualise the light of the full moon travelling to meet you. See how this liquid light enters your being and starts clearing these toxic beliefs and behaviour, very much like a gentle wave of white light. Alternatively, if visualisation for you is difficult, carefully burn the paper where you wrote the things you want to release. Please be careful though not to hurt yourself.
  5. Once you complete Step 4, take a moment to reflect on what you are feeling. How does it feel now that you released these thoughts? It's not magic, they're not just gone because you burnt the paper. 'Burning the thought' is a release in itself, and the more you think about this moment, the stronger you grow in your conviction to become a better version of yourself. Should you feel this release has left a void, you can think of how to substitute the released thoughts. For example, you can write down, I AM ENOUGH, or I CLAIM MY POWER
  6. The ritual comes to a close by expressing gratitude for all that was, all that is and all that will be. Get up slowly, drink plenty of cold water, blow off the candle carefully and do some stretching exercises or go for a cold shower and a cup of herbal tea.
  • The second way is for those that rituals like these are too woo-woo.

Use this day to ask yourself: "Is there anything tying me down and holding me back that I need to let go off?"