Meaningful Life Moments


I know that as a Mummy I'm almost expected to write down the birth of my 2 boys have left the biggest impact... BUT...

as Celine the 2 moments I will never forget are the ones that have carved my healing and caring profession.

The first one was 9th April 1987. I was 9 years old and my country was going through some serious political turmoil. On that day I internalised fear, down to the very essence of my soul. Fear of death, fear of speaking up, fear of having a different opinion. On that day I saw the end of a shotgun barrel and was told to run or he had orders to shoot. So I ran, ran as fast as I could to my grandma's house for safety but before I stopped at her neighbour's house because I was drawn to more sorrow, more fear. There I saw people lying on the floor, shot, blood oozing out of their backs. Writing it now still makes me gag although I'm really working on that fear now. That fear was not mine to carry, I carried it for decades almost as a badge of honour. It is strange to admit it now but I am #grateful for that incident because I knew then I was called to help. I couldn't just sit and watch. I believe that was my awakening point, when I became a humanist activist. I had to stand up for those without a voice and help those who were scared to shine.

The second moment was 19July 2006, the day I left my comfort zone to move to Switzerland. I left 3 amazing jobs to be with the love of my life. I moved to a big country (yes, it's all a question of perspective if you come from a small island!!), completely different culture and language. That day set me off on this long and, sometimes, tedious personal development journey. Being away from my comfort zone, away from the people I loved and who loved me beyond comprehension, the sun and the sea led me to the grey zone. It was quiet, no one needed me and I felt bare and cold. The love I was getting from my then boyfriend now husband was not feeding my fire. The arguments, the tears, the days where all I envisaged was running away were terrible to say the least. In the process, I forgot to love myself, I forgot to honour my Self, I forgot to breathe fire into my soul and reignite the passion to assist, to help and to heal. I was focusing on the wrong kind of help and in the longing to help others, I forgot to take care of myself. Coming out of that hell hole took time, shedding all those masks of "Yep, everything's rosy!" was tiring but I'm here now, left with the scars of which I'm thankful. 

I'm grateful for these 2 moments that have paved the way to where I am now, to self-acceptance, to living and loving purposefully and consciously. I'm grateful for the tears of frustration and anger because those times have shown me that my voice matters, my life matters, that every life matters. I chose to live, even if I had to run away to find myself; I wouldn't be where I am now without these 2 "moments".

The birth of my 2 boys and the miscarriage in between taught me how precious life is, how small we are and how little we know. In retrospect, my 2 "moments" have given me fuel to be of service.

So my question to you is... Now that you know a bit more about me, how can I be of service to you? How can I help you find joy in the mundane and turn fear into a lesson of comfort and confidence?