Failure is the Essence of Success


One of the basic law of manifestations is to feel grateful for the things that you want as if you already have them. For example: "I am so excited to cash in the 10Million Euro cheque that I just won. Thank you, Universe!"

And before you ask, no I haven't really won it, but it doesn't hurt thinking and feeling gratitude for the immense abundance and freedom that money creates. Money is not the root of all evil but a tool to live and create and share and love. So how does this tie up to the quote today?

We have been taught to work hard to achieve our dreams but most of the times, we were not taught HOW to do this. Most of the time we work and we think we're failing because we're not achieving what we want. 

Dear beautiful soul, FAILURE IS THE ESSENCE OF SUCCESS. So fear not the hiccups and obstacles along the way for they are essential to figure out where and how we will arrive to our destination. 

During the Core Transformation Programme we go on an archeological journey to dig out all the past failures to give them colour and see the flavours that accentuate our future successes.

Are you ready to go all Indiana Jones with me?

Together we will figure out how to achieve what you really want and look for the hidden treasures.

Sending you love and light