13 Holy Nights


The 13 Holy Nights is an old ritual, a simple practice that is intended to bring more PURPOSE and CONNECTION in your life. I have been doing this ritual for the past couple of years now and I must admit that it is by far my favorite ritual I do.

Starting at sunset of December 24th till sunset January 6th we have the profound opportunity to tap into the energies of the coming year and plant seeds for an abundantly healthy and successful New Year (working on our manifestation skills, here!)

In my home country, Malta, we have L-iRwiegel, the Calends which are the 12 days prior to Christmas. Starting on Dec. 13th until Dec. 24th. every day represents a month and predicts the weather for the next year. It is not the same however I wanted to point that the 12 days prior to Christmas and the 12 days after Christmas are so full of magic that it is impossible not to fall for the beauty of these rituals.

What you need:

A candle
A journal
Oracle / Angel Cards (optional)


Every evening, close to sunset, or maybe later, light up a candle and focus on the flame for a few minutes. Then, close your eyes and focus on your breathing whilst you connect with your inner core. If you have a card, pull a card now or open up a page of a book you use for meditation and pick a quote. That card or quote will symbolise a month in the coming year. In your journal write down what the card or quote means to you.

For the following days, at sunset (or evening) repeat the above and also reflect on what showed up during that day, what inspired you or struck you as odd. Write down everything, conversations, feelings, events ... make sure to label everything carefully to be able to find it later in the year! 

In the morning make time to record your dreams, whatever you can remember, people, themes, feelings, anything really.

The Holy Nights are:

On the first Holy Night (sunset of Dec 24th) light a candle and set your intention for the 13 Holy Nights.
1st Holy Night is between sunset Dec 24th and sunset Dec 25th and symbolises the year whole year ahead
2nd Holy Night (from sunset Dec25th to sunset Dec26th) symbolises January
3rd Holy Night (from sunset Dec26th to sunset Dec27th) symbolises February
4th Holy Night (from sunset Dec27th to sunset Dec28th) symbolises March
5th Holy Night (from sunset Dec28th to sunset Dec29th) symbolises April
6th Holy Night (from sunset Dec29th to sunset Dec30th) symbolises May
7th Holy Night (from sunset Dec30th to sunset Dec31st) symbolises June
8th Holy Night (from sunset Dec31st to sunset Jan1st) symbolises July
9th Holy Night (from sunset Jan1st to sunset Jan2nd) symbolises August
10th Holy Night (from sunset Jan2nd to sunset Jan3rd) symbolises September
11th Holy Night (from sunset Jan3rd to sunset Jan4th) symbolises October
12th Holy Night (from sunset Jan4th to sunset Jan5th) symbolises November
13th Holy Night (from sunset Jan5th to sunset Jan6th) symbolises December

Give it a try and share with me your experiences. Looking forward to hearing your manifestation and success stories

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