Hi There 

I'm Celine Petrillo and I'm honoured to be your Spiritual Life Coach.

I am passionate about guiding my clients move forward in life with the same enthusiasm and excitement of a 5 year old on Christmas Day waiting to open their gifts. The magic lies within the practice of combining daily Mind Body and Spirit 'rituals' to regain clarity and rediscover life's purpose.

We get immersed in so much content nowadays on how to be, how to act, what to eat, what to dress and what to think. Every day we scroll down hundreds of images and click on thousands of words. We bookmark tens of pages so that we can read them when we're quiet... but we never get quiet, right? I, too, struggled with the FOMO phenomenon and spent countless hours and lots of money hoarding online courses aiming to be a better version of myself. I strongly believe that my role as a Spiritual Life Coach is to help you translate all the theory you accumulated over the years into action, get organised and free your life from stagnant energies. By doing so, you'll releasing traumas, heal old wounds and open energy blocks.

I like to describe myself as "works in progress" because I'm constantly learning and finding ways to optimise my day and better my life. I use the same tools that I teach my clients knowing full well that these tools which focus on BEING rather than DOING, bring balance, harmony and inner happiness.

I AM BLESSED AND GRATEFUL is my daily mantra and this helps me lead a normal life and LIVE IN GRATITUDE FOR THE TINY MIRACLES that manifest in my life every day.
There are no shortcuts, no tips, no magic wands to 'everlasting' change. Change comes with daily practice, commitment, encouragement, hard work and a lot of humour. What I learnt on my journey is that the answer to our life long quest lies within us and I am here to help you find it. I am committed to your personal development and I am so looking forward to work with you on your own masterpiece.